First Time Buyer

I put myself in my clients’ shoes and give them the advice I appreciated and wanted as a first-time buyer.  From getting pre-qualified for a loan to closing escrow, I will walk you through it all.  Moving at your pace, so that you are comfortable with the decisions you need to make and are confident in their outcome.   

Repeat Buyer

Owning multiple properties and or trading up in a home can be a great way to build wealth, of course, “buying right” can make all the difference.  I work tirelessly to make sure my clients are fully informed and make high-quality decisions while accomplishing their goals.


I take care to walk my sellers through the listing process in detail, making certain they understand how escrow will work, who is entitled to the good faith deposit and when, as well as all disclosure laws.  I make sure my clients are protected and fulfill all of their, and in fact our, obligation to provide the legally required information about the property, its condition, and the surrounding area.


I find the aspect of being an investor a significant point of differentiation between myself and the vast majority of agents when it comes to providing the benefit of my real estate experience to my clients.  As any investor knows, once acquired, it is practically impossible to turn off the investor thought process, so I introduce those points of wealth building for consideration to all of my clients.

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