Property owners looking to sell real estate, I will work with you to determine a few critical things right off the bat.  Not the least of which is, what are your priorities? Do you place the greatest importance on closing as quickly as possible?  Perhaps you have a job relocation to complete or another house in escrow contingent on the sale of your existing home.  Conversely, is maximizing the sale price of your property the area where you place the greatest importance?  In this case, it may be that every dollar realized from the sale of your property can be used to reduce the amount of the loan on your new replacement home.  Either way, making sure I meet your needs begins with understanding your goals. 
I take care to walk my sellers through the listing process in detail, making certain they understand how escrow will work, who is entitled to the good faith deposit and when, as well as all disclosure laws.  I make sure my clients are protected and fulfill all of their, and in fact our, obligation to provide the legally required information about the property, its condition, and the surrounding area.
I also use my years of experience to properly vet all prospective buyers and their offers.  There are questions that I ask which help my clients evaluate all offers, and understand the significant, but subtle, differences between them.  Many times when I work with sellers, they are surprised to learn these details, and after some thought, they quickly come to understand that the offer with the high dollar amount is not always the best and strongest offer.  Buyers’ creditworthiness, down payment amount, earnest money into escrow, loan type, contingency lengths and more, all play a specific part in contributing to the strength of an offer.  If you are reading this and are familiar with these elements, then you know what I write is sound advice.  If some of these elements are new to you, or you are unsure as to precisely what they each mean, don’t worry, I will break them all down for you in a logical explanation that is easy to grasp.
Marketing your home for sale will consist of a tremendous online presence, high-quality photos, videos, virtual tours and aerial video.  As a member of the award-winning Century 21 team, I have premium tools and marketing elements available to me, and thusly you.  Not to mention the exposure your listing will get through my own independent social media efforts and outlets.  You will receive sound and powerful suggestions on where to focus in staging and prepping your home for sale, as well as pricing strategies, so in the end, we leverage as much demand as we can and use it all to put you in the deal-making driver’s seat!
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