Investors, you have likely learned to make and evaluate real estate decisions without the influence of emotion, instead, you rely on facts, data, and competent analysis.  ROI, leverage, cash flow and estimating future value are on your mind.  Building wealth, deferring taxes through 1031 exchanges and managing your real estate holdings are key concepts when working with investors.
I am passionate about this aspect of real estate, and I am very proud of the track I have helped many people pursue.  I have bought and rehabbed houses, flipped, in today’s parlance, long before that became a popular topic for television shows.  I have invested in homes for the purpose of having rental property, wherein, the need to be concerned with rate and term, cash flow and future value is very important.  I manage my own rentals, so I understand firsthand the complexities of dealing with tenants and limitations of landlord/tenant law.  While I am always learning and developing, I am able to offer a great deal of insight and guidance to investors and buyers alike. 
Frankly, I find the aspect of being an investor a significant point of differentiation between myself and the vast majority of agents when it comes to providing the benefit of my real estate experience to my clients.  As any investor knows, once acquired, it is practically impossible to turn off the investor thought process, so I introduce those points of wealth building for consideration to all of my clients.
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