Purchasing real estate can be a complicated process, and a bit intimidating especially if you have not been through it before. I recall it well, I remember the pile of paperwork and how I startled my agent when I told her I wanted to read through it all.  How do I buy, get a loan, qualify for that loan, how many homes can I afford, and more specifically, how much do I want to take on?  These are all questions I had and are common when going through the process for the first time.
I draw on those first-hand experiences when I give advice and walk others through the process. I enjoy taking the time to explain the steps between where a prospective buyer finds themselves and the destination of home ownership.  I pride myself on taking rather complex concepts and legal terms and translating them into everyday language we can all understand.
I put myself in my clients’ shoes and give them the advice I appreciated and wanted as a first-time buyer.  From getting pre-qualified for a loan to closing escrow, I will walk you through it all.  Moving at your pace, so that you are comfortable with the decisions you need to make and are confident in their outcome.   
I regard myself as having just as much impact on people’s lives as a doctor or lawyer, and therefore, I take my responsibility to you very seriously.  In short, I use all of my experience and learning, as a property owner, investor, landlord, business professional and Real Estate licensee to my clients’ benefit and aid.
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